Sycamore is an architecture and interior design practice specializing in residential and commercial sectors. Our aim is to provide inspiration to conceive a project and care to deliver it.

Raniero Botti is the founder and CEO of Sycamore. He is a IT registered Architect having graduated from La Sapieza School of Architecture with commendation.

Sycamore Architecture
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00149 Roma

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T. House


2005 - 2006

The challenge: to bring "light" inside the spaces.

I with courage have eliminated a part of the ceiling to create a "small stairs tower" so it will defined as "Techiness", completely covered in glass from which you can admire the sky, I brought the light and the mood of the time and the seasons, the zenithal light, the light. I have created a staircase leading to the terrace of white painted steel and glass, and a bridge with the same characteristics...
R. B.